19 Feb

With over 200 million members, north of 60 million messages and about 1.6 billion likes happening daily, Instagram is easily one of the forces to reckon with in social media. Still, it doesn’t mean you should buy fake followers who do nothing but give you numbers. The only thing that works is authenticity and that means real human interacting followers. Besides, you don’t want your account to go up in smoke after the network’s next crackdown.

In short, you can grow your Instagram following without faking anything, and you can begin with these pointers:

1. Expose your dedicated hashtag.

Don't just expect people to find your dedicated hashtag. You should take it to them. Put it everywhere - your Instagram profile, receipts, print ads, store signage, and so on. If you can, get it mentioned on radio or TV. Make sure it’s on your website too, in your other social media profiles, and in your marketing emails.

2. Create unique but relatable hashtags.

When it comes to Instagram captions, try to step out of the box and create something unique but still able to create a connection. Be weird, outrageous funny - anything but boring. 

3. Hop into the bandwagon of popular conversations.

With every post you make, use both basic hashtags like #paintinglessons for an arts and crafts shop, for example, and trending hashtags every chance you get. Those very specific hashtags work pretty much the same way as long-tail keywords in that you can say exactly as you wish and be able to reach the people you’re mainly targeting for your campaign. At the same time, universally trending hashtags, such as #pasta, #digital marketing, etc. will expose you to a larger public. You should go for both.

5. Ace your bio.

Your bio is the focal point of your Instagram presence. Do you really want it to stay the same forever, linked to your website for eternity? Play with it at least once weekly (but keep the actual message), and link it to your freshest or hottest content. You can view here for more info about buying followers.


5. Be descriptive when writing your captions. 

Sometimes, a picture is enough to relay a message, but not necessarily when you talk about Instagram. To get more engagement, accompany your pictures with a story. People may adore your photos, but sometimes, you need to talk to them first before they respond. Click WildFreeDesign.com to gain more facts about social media.

6. Develop a definitive look.

We were all designed with an urge to fit in, but if you want to succeed Instagramming, you have to shine. Create a signature look so that people will instantly know it’s your picture in their newsfeed without even checking. That’s how you become memorable on Instagram, and buying followers has nothing to do with it. For more information about social media  in this website https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJu2_BB0hb0.

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